About Us

About Us

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The Williamsville East Rocketry Club is a student-led program that focuses on the development and launching of hobbyist-level rockets! Currently known as the WEHS Aerospace & Rocketry Club,the club was founded by Arjun Kodial, Zyad Zahra, and Zaid Elnasser in 2022 with the goal of creating and launching hobbyist-grade model rockets in the WNY region. We are student-led and hope to increase engineering and aerospace interest in our school.

Your Founders

Arjun Kodial

Since the start, Arjun's interest in aerospace and engineering has influenced the outcome and goals of the club. Though not limited only to aerospace and engineering, his skills in the field helps all the members build thier projects and inspire them to continue innovating. His role as one of the founders is crucial to the success of the club, his goals to create and design rockets, projects, and plans for the future has not abated, and only continues to grow as the club expands.

Zyad Zahra

Being engineering-minded, Zyad has prevailed in creating rockets. With an interest in robotics and engineering, his pursuits help the club as a whole. Using engineering skills not only to develop rockets, but work with others to make designs for rockets, his role exists to connect the work to the people. His role as a founder has supported the foundation of the club, and how he works has worked to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the club.

Zaid Elnasser

Holding big goals and bigger means, Zaid not only succecdes in planning, but carrying out his dreams. Since his creation of a flight simulator in his basement, he has had a continued interest of the real world use of rockets in the club. Though off the runway and into the launchpad, his big plans shape the members to dream big and soar higher.

Our Values

Launching in a safe manner and in accordance with local laws and regulations is our top priority! Here are some of the ways we ensure safety at our launches:

  • Rocket Safety Inspections by a designated inspector
  • Flight Sheets detailing the rocket's specifications
  • Saftey Instructions detailing plans each launch
  • Minimum Launch Standards for conditions before rockets are flown

All of these however, only work when safty is stressed among all our members, and our continued aspirations towards safer regulations doesn't stop us from fufilling one of our priorities: having fun!